Building a Barn Owl Tower

at Sleaford Golf Club

As part of a larger project for Sleaford Golf Club, we obtained planning permission on an old barn on the course that served no purpose. This will give the club much needed  funds to take it forward. However, the barn itself had resident barn owls and as part of the planning conditions we had to make provision for a replacement home.

We submitted plans for a tried and tested barn owl tower and managed to get them approved by the local planners. In the Spring of 2020 work commenced. Building the base, and using reclaimed bricks and pantiles, together with a local building materials supplier donating the sand and cement, we set to work. This was carried out by myself and member volunteer Nick Williams and a fellow birder friend of Nick’s who did the bricklaying and roof.

The tower has been built behind the Ladies’ 8th tee box and was some 500 yards away from the original barn. Some members were critical of the “monstrosity” of a building on the golf course, whilst some thought we were building a new ladies toilet ! My own apprehension was that the barn owls would not make use of it, but, as the pictures show, they soon moved in, and this Spring (2022) we were delighted to discover 4 eggs had been laid. Only one egg hatched for some reason but all is good so far.

Nick Lawson

(For further information, contact Nick through Sleaford GC.)