Hinckley Golf Club’s new Ecology Group reports to the club directors on its first few months

Reproduced with kind permission of Hinckley Golf Club

“Established August 2023

  1. Invited three different groups of experts to advise us of the best way forward to develop the habitat around the golf course for the benefit of wildlife.
  2. Become part of the Greenergolf organisation
  3. Formally set up a committee with a name and aims. We have nine committed members including two greens staff ( Lewis and Dave).
  4. Held monthly meetings. The minutes are now on the website.
  5. Set up a page on the club website which is regularly updated with photos and news.
  6. Identified areas on the course suitable for wildflower beds, bug hotels, bird boxes and dead hedges.
  7. Visited a wildflower seed nursery, received expert advice and selected seed suitable for purchasing in the spring.
  8. Put a bug hotel in place adjacent to the chipping area. Put log piles around the course.
  9. Collected material for a dead hedge.
  10. Contributed to the newsletter.
  11. Secured a noticeboard, next to the mixed board. We would like to put information on the board around the course next year explaining our projects.
  12. Explored and researched other ways in which we could improve the biodiversity of the course without impacting on golfers.

For further information on the group’s progress, contact Helen Buckingham at Helen.buckingham@btinternet.com