Navigating the Energy Crisis:

How Golf Clubs Can Swing Towards Sustainability with UtilityWorks and Greenergolf

The energy market is in a state of flux, with businesses across all sectors grappling with rising costs and market volatility. Golf clubs are no exception. The challenges are manifold, from soaring energy prices to significant increases in water costs. However, amidst these challenges, there are opportunities for golf clubs to become more energy-efficient, sustainable, and resilient.

This is where the partnership between UtilityWorks and Greenergolf comes into play.

Understanding the Energy Landscape

The energy crisis has been driven by a variety of factors, including geopolitical tensions, supply chain disruptions, and increased demand. These factors have led to skyrocketing energy prices, making it more expensive for businesses, including golf clubs, to operate.

Moreover, businesses are also bracing for a significant increase in wholesale water costs. From April 2023, businesses can expect to see an average increase in business water rates of around 14.4%, with variations depending on the region. This, coupled with the high energy costs, is putting a strain on businesses’ budgets.

The Greenergolf & UtilityWorks Partnership

In response to these challenges, Greenergolf and UtilityWorks have formed a partnership to provide energy and low carbon solutions to golf clubs.

The partnership is built on the ethos of providing environmentally friendly practices within the golfing community.

Our partnership offers a range of services and solutions including:

  • Energy Strategy and Procurement: UtilityWorks helps golf clubs navigate the complex energy market, ensuring they get the best deals and strategies for their energy needs.
  • Solar PV: With energy costs at an all-time high, generating renewable energy through solar is delivering the best return-on-investments. UtilityWorks assists golf clubs in installing solar panels, providing them with a sustainable and cost-effective energy source.
  • EV Charging: UtilityWorks is also deploying electric vehicle chargers and infrastructure at golf clubs. This not only provides a new revenue stream for the clubs but also promotes sustainable practices among members.

By offering these services, our partnership is helping golf clubs tackle energy market challenges, reduce energy costs, and embark on a net-zero journey.

The Path Forward

The energy crisis is a challenge, but it is also an opportunity for golf clubs to rethink their energy strategies and move towards more sustainable practices. The partnership between UtilityWorks and Greenergolf provides a roadmap for golf clubs to navigate this complex landscape.

With the right strategies and solutions, golf clubs can not only weather the current energy crisis but also emerge stronger, more resilient, and more sustainable. The time has arrived for golf clubs to swing towards a greener future.