Stonebridge Golf Centre’s Journey to Sustainability with UtilityWorks


Stonebridge Golf Centre, a renowned golf club, has been working with UtilityWorks for several years. UtilityWorks has managed their entire utilities portfolio, allowing Stonebridge to focus on their core business. The partnership has led to significant savings in time, money, and energy consumption.


Like many golf clubs, Stonebridge Golf Centre faced the challenge of rising energy costs and the need to become more sustainable. They wanted to reduce their energy bills and carbon emissions, but lacked the expertise to navigate the complex energy market. They also wanted to explore new revenue streams and enhance their facilities for their members.


UtilityWorks stepped in to manage Stonebridge’s utility contracts, ensuring the golf club was getting the best possible deal. They also helped Stonebridge become more energy-efficient and transition to 100% renewable energy, aligning with the club’s sustainability policies.

Looking forward, UtilityWorks is deploying electric vehicle chargers and infrastructure at Stonebridge. This will not only generate a new revenue stream for the club but also provide a valuable service for members. Golfers can now charge their cars while they play, increasing footfall in the clubhouse and generating additional revenue as customers enjoy the facilities while their cars charge.


Thanks to UtilityWorks, Stonebridge Golf Centre has made significant progress in reducing their energy bills and carbon emissions. They have seen a 20% reduction in their energy bills and a 60% reduction in carbon emissions.


“Working with UtilityWorks has been a game-changer for us. They have consistently managed our utility contracts for several years now, allowing us to concentrate on our core business with confidence we’re saving time, money, and consumption when it comes to utilities. Thanks to UtilityWorks, we’ve been able to make significant progress in reducing our energy bills by 20% and carbon emissions by 60%. Their team was a pleasure to work with and delivered outstanding results.”

General Manager, Stonebridge Golf Centre