Hi all,
we also have badger issues at Humberstone we have several setts as well as satellite setts.
I wrote to the LCC environmental officer to see if some could be could be re-sited by DEFRA –
Response:- I am aware of the ongoing issues with badger damage on the course and put these to Natural England (Statutory Nature Conservation Organisation) during late 2020 to help manage the situation. I have included their response to this email for reference.

Ultimately, Natural England do not believe “any sett interference, such as excluding the badgers from the sett would help the situation as it would only displace them and would not necessarily halt the foraging damage. Furthermore, licences for this kind of work are only granted for the purpose of preventing serious damage, whereas they class foraging damage to amenity grassland as nuisance.”

Our greenkeepers have had some success with garlic granules/spray

Frank Lock