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Hi all, Ecoprod are running a free webinar about water saving in a couple of weeks. Its free to attend. Please see below (ill include the link to sign up at the end, just copy and paste into your browser):
What we will cover in this free webinar
• Why saving water is so important for businesses
• The likely future impact of water shortages on businesses
• The three pillars of water saving
o Use less water – how water saving technology can help you use less water throughout all areas of your operations
o Waste less water – advice on how to reduce water wastage by spotting leaks and floods before they have an impact as well as opportunities for behavioural change within your organisation
o Reuse and recycle your water – how rainwater harvesting and greywater recycling can impact on your overall water usage
• The importance of having a water management strategy and how to start developing one
• How Ecoprod can help you use less water