R and A Golf Course 2030 Project

The Golf Course 2030 programme is the flagship sustainability project of the R and A (Royal and Ancient) itself. The aim has been to conduct research, and present high-level analysis of the factors affecting the long-term future of golf, and golf courses themselves.


This is a wide-ranging portfolio of material, covering sustainable agronomy, resources, biodiversity and climate issues.

The biggest section is on sustainable agronomy, with detailed reports from a number of research projects that have been underway in recent years. The reports are detailed, scientific papers. The sections of the site on biodiversity, and water management, have little content.

What this programme does not do is provide clear, accessible examples of what ‘ordinary’ golf clubs could actually consider doing, at a practical level.

This is what we are hoping to gradually build up at this site www.greenergolf.co.uk

Check out also www.golfcourse2030water.com

Any feedback on parts of these R and A sites would be welcome on the greenergolf FORUM.